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Don’t Let Your Hearing Impairment Keep You From Church

Website- WorshipIt’s Sunday morning and you’re done getting ready for church. You’ve told the kids the night before that you HAVE to leave the house by 8:30 for the 9am service. Grumble, grumble…”Mom, why we do we have to leave so early?” My reply is the same as it was last week. “We need to get there early enough so I can get a seat up front so I can hear.” I always ask myself why that is so hard to understand.

The above is just one scenario I go through each week to accommodate my hearing impairment. I not only need to sit close enough to hear but also to lip-read. I need the whole visual thing to be able to fully comprehend the service each Sunday…or else you will find me snoozing about half way through.

Do you stay home from church each week because you have trouble hearing and following along? Do you strain to hear and understand what is being said at the pulpit?

If church is important to you and you don’t want to miss the service you may have options in your area.

I have put together a list of churches from all over the USA that offer American Sign Language (ASL) or interpreted services.  I’m sure this list is not all-inclusive and I look forward to receiving updates from anyone who does attend either a deaf church or a church that offers ASL or interpretation that is not on my list. If you are from a different country please let me know if you attend this type of church in your country as well so I can include in this list.

CLICK HERE for the list of churches under the resource tab above.

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