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Deaf Accent?


I was born in Massachusetts and when I was 4 years old we moved to Rhode Island, where I lived until I was 20. Since then I have lived in seven other states and have been asked quite frequently, “Are you from New York?” or  “Where is your accent from?”

What’s funny is that when they ask me these questions they are asking for the wrong reasons. Do I have an accent? I probably do to some people around the country, but what I really have is a “deaf” voice. I’m always amazed that people mistake the two…or maybe they’re just being kind.

Sitting around the dinner table yesterday, two of my children asked me why they don’t think I sound deaf. I told them that they’re just used to me and this is my normal voice they’re used to hearing. After meeting another deaf person a few weeks ago, they claimed she sounded deaf but I don’t.

So, what does deaf sound like? And would you consider it to sound like an accent?

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  1. You don’t have that typical deaf quality to your voice. Neither does Roberta. You may not sound like everyone else around you, but your kids are correct. Deaf people sound deaf….you do not! I doubt that people around you would necessarily know you were hearing impaired, just something that’s not quite right.

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