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Noise Overload…Where’d the sound go? (Continued)

As part of getting used to my new hearing aids I’m learning a lot about their capabilities. When I first got them two weeks ago I was definitely in sound overload. I was receiving too much noise compared to what I was used to and it nearly drove me mad. After a few adjustments I am finally getting used to the amount of noise and sounds I’m hearing.

images (2)A few nights ago my son had a basketball game inside a gym. As I walked in there were several practices being held so my husband and I decided to sit in the bleachers and wait for our son’s game to start. Within five minutes I could hear almost nothing. I knew my hearing aids were making automatic adjustments but this was ridiculous. We were sitting on the top row of the bleachers with our backs against a concrete wall. I could hear voices behind me and could just barely hear my husband. It was a strange sensation, awful actually, and I was thankful I already had an appointment for a follow-up visit the next day with my audiologist. For the next hour and a half I tried concentrating on the game but my mind was racing with thoughts about how little I could hear. Upon leaving the gym my hearing aids made automatic adjustments back to their original setting.

My appointment with the audiologist went well. I walked in and the first thing she said was, “I’m so happy to see a smile on your face.” She was comparing it to the first time I went back after getting my hearing aids and I had just been skunk_38665experiencing the noise overload and had a horrible headache. The next thing she proceeds to tell me is totally unrelated to my appointment but funny enough to share. The night before she and her dog had been sprayed by a skunk…she apologized for smelling bad. :-) Anyway, I told her I was getting used to the hearing aids and was overall pleased. I brought up the topic of the sound reduction the night before and she explained that my hearing aids were making adjustments to bring the amount of hearing into my comfort level. I immediately told her I was NOT comfortable. She made some adjustments to raise the amount of incoming background noise without adjusting the speech level. I will find out Monday night if it worked when I watch my son at a basketball practice.

The joys of living with hearing impairment. :-)

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