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RP for Thought

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. My life has been unusually busy since getting back from vacation. It’s all been good and I made it my goal today to sit down and write this post. So, here it goes…

question markThere are days when things are going smoothly and life is justĀ great and then there are days when you wish you could just snap your fingers and have the day be over. I was thinking about my vision today. It was nothing special…just the fact that it always seems to be on my mind, no matter what I’m doing. I wish this wasn’t the case but I can’t seem to change things at this point in my life.

When I was on my beach vacation there were moments when I didn’t think about my vision loss. When I was getting pounded by the waves or just lounging around soaking up the sun. It was great not to think about it. It was a much deserved break from the monotony of thinking about it. BUT, as soon as those little moments were over I was back to thinking about the fact that I couldn’t see my family in the water without my glasses. I couldn’t watch where I was walking while looking for shells. It just seemed there were lots of opportunities missed.

When I am working I always have to make sure I’m really watching where I’m going. Coming around corners is always tricky, especially when you can’t hear others approaching. (The joys of Usher Syndrome.) If I forget something and do a quick turn-around I have often caused a collision with the person who is walking directly behind me.

At home I have the dogs to contend with…oh, and the stupid bench at the end of my bed. Yes, it’s a stupid bench. :-) I also hate when the coffee table is moved, even just a few inches.

So, I have to ask. When can I stop thinking about it? Is it really healthy to think about it all the time? I would love to have a whole day where I don’t think about it…maybe some day.

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  1. Jim says:

    We could probably survive without a coffee table. :)

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