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Toad Time

My husband was out-of-town for four days this week which meant I had to get up with the dogs at 5:30 each morning. :-(

Animated-frog-catching-a-fly-for-lunchMy RP moment:

Friday morning I was just about to step from my front porch onto the walkway being careful not to misstep. I had the outside lights on but my depth perception, especially when it’s dark outside, is a bit off. So, holding onto two leashes with one dog pulling pretty hard I gently took my step down onto the walkway. I don’t know how I saw this but a small toad jumped out and landed right next to my feet. Toads are ok but not at 5:30 in the morning when it’s still dark outside and I don’t have shoes on. I was not all that surprised because my husband and son kept telling me they were seeing toads in our front yard.

I just kept thinking that it would have been horrible if I had stepped on it. EEEWWWW!

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  1. witzshared says:

    A frog leap of faith….

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