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Grocery Shopping

images (6)For a variety of reasons I don’t generally do the grocery shopping in my house. My husband has gotten so good at it and he is so much faster than me. Since he is at the Carolina Panthers/Seattle Seahawks football game with one of our sons I had to brave the grocery store this morning and of course I chose Walmart.

At first I was fine. I ran into a friend so we chatted for a few minutes. I started on the side where the hair care products were and also had to get a new blender. Then I headed over to the food section and realized how busy it was. I told myself that I just needed to go slowly, take my time, and look before stepping away from my cart. Between all these things and having to check prices it took me about 45 minutes longer than it used to. I don’t think I like grocery shopping any longer.

For those with low vision, does it take you longer to do these things? If you have hearing loss on top of vision loss I think it definitely adds to the stress level.

I have also determined that I really don’t like crowded places any more. We were going to go to Wet ‘n Wild last weekend and I was secretly hoping the weather would be bad so I wouldn’t have to go. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing these things, but sometimes I just don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of apologizing to people all day long for walking into them or cutting them off. It did end up being stormy so we didn’t go but I hate that this stuff crosses my mind with all of our plans.

Anyway, I’m home now and can stay home the rest of the day. Enjoy your Sunday.

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